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2022-2023 Membership

Our pride builds the Bearcats

As the school year kicks off, we would like to take a moment to thank you for your continued support. The last two years have been different due to the changes in our world today. Even during these times, we are able to continue to support our programs. In August, we were able to deliver a check for almost $19,000 to support all our programs 7th-12th grade. This is due to the work and dedication of our members. BFI wouldn’t be possible without the members and supporters. BFI would like to thank you for your continued support!

Super Bearcat

  • Kyle & Gretchen Cannon
  • Philip & Tracy Hensley
  • Phillip & Kristi Wilson

Big Red

  • Todd & Angie Aynes
  • Diamond Bank – Clint Smith
  • Home Run Holdings
  • Karen Don & Christina Kesterson
  • Bob & Wendy Martin
  • Miner’s A&B Tire
  • Michael & Hollie Montgomery
  • Mary Peters
  • Greg & Shannon Simpson
  • Simple Simons – Tim & Lana Wood
  • Jason & Teddi Sullivan

Century Bearcat

  • Katherine Barnes
  • Buddy & Sue Bean
  • Chip & Suzanne Bentley
  • Craig & Sarah Bentley
  • John & Marilyn Davenport
  • Vici Fenwick
  • Britt & Ladatha Hobson
  • Tony Hooper
  • Eddie Huckaby
  • Don & Mary Kelley
  • Brad & Linda Lyle
  • Mena Tire Co.
  • John & Robin Ponder
  • David Ray
  • Tim Rodgers
  • Select Realty
  • Southwest EMS


  • Pam Brooks
  • Mark & Luci Cannon
  • Gary & Becky Floyd
  • Danny & Tammie Minton
  • Jennifer Rowland

Turf Supporters

  • Union Bank of Mena
  • Bowser Funeral Homes
  • CR Crawford Construction
  • Repops
  • Smith Pallet
  • Sterling Machinery
  • UA Rich Mountain Community College

Livestream Supporters

  • Mena Insurance
  • Sterling Machinery
  • UA Rich Mountain Community College
  • Union Bank of Mena
  • Bay Wash
  • Don’s E-Z Pay
  • Gentry Chevrolet
  • John Maddox State Representative
  • Mena Ford
  • Smith Pallet
  • U-Lock It

BFI is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible. The organization is directed by a eight-person board serving on staggered terms. Our current directors are Gretchen Cannon, Aarika Cox, Brian Hensley, Amy Hernandez, Britt Hobson and Ty Plunkett. We have so many things that we hope to do moving forward and we invite and encourage you to join BFI and offer some of your important time and ideas to our cause. You will never regret spending some of your time helping the kids in our schools.

Continue to visit our site for exciting events and opportunities. Together we can accomplish so much!