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About Us

Our pride builds the Bearcats

Thank you for coming to the Bearcat Foundation site! Please consider this the “go to” destination for all things Ladycat & Bearcat. We want you, the fans and our supporters to help us drive content and make our site informative and entertaining. This is also the exclusive home for ALL Ladycat and Bearcat streaming video.

Bearcat Foundation, Inc. (BFI) was started in the summer of 2006 with a few simple hopes and goals:

  • Help the Ladycats and Bearcats in the area of equipment, facilities, and other special projects that will help make our teams competitive and increase moral and unity.
  • Create and someday endow a scholarship program that will assist student-athletes after their time at MHS
  • Do something special each year for our seniors who have come through the program(s) and finished strong.

With the help of our members, supporters, and alumni, BFI has contributed over $520,000 to the programs and scholarships at MHS. We are so grateful to our supporters who continue to strive to create a great experience for our student-athletes.

BFI is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization and donations are tax-deductible. The organization is directed by a eight-person board serving on staggered terms. Our current directors are Gretchen Cannon, Aarika Cox, Brian Hensley, Amy Hernandez, Britt Hobson and Ty Plunkett. We have so many things that we hope to do moving forward and we invite and encourage you to join BFI and offer some of your important time and ideas to our cause. You will never regret spending some of your time helping the kids in our schools.

Continue to visit our site for exciting events and opportunities. Together we can accomplish so much!